FedEx? USPS? Who’s the real dinosaur?

So we’re moving. In two weeks. Ugh. Give me a minute. Ok, anyway, back to the rant. So my wife gets going this morning and starts organizing the forwarding of our mail as part of all that fun stuff. While she’s at it, I ask her to call FedEx and UPS to have that stuff forwarded, too. I have my office here in my home (and an even nicer — detached — office at our new home!), and a lot of folks just randomly send me stuff via FedEx. I remember once 6 months after we moved the last time, Symantec overnighted me a copy of the latest Norton suite to my old address. No warning, no nothing. A week later, they e-mailed me, asking how I liked it, and we had to figure out that the buyers of my previous home had received a bonus copy. 🙂 No great harm done, but I kinda like to get stuff that people send to me. Usually, anyway.

So we forwarded our mail via USPS — online, easy, and chances are they’ll get it mostly right. Cool. Then we call FedEx to ask them to do the same thing. The answer? THEY DON’T. What? These people are out there touting that they offer better service than the venerable USPS, and yet they can’t program their frickin computers to see that packages to Dave Hamilton shouldn’t be delivered here any more?

Wow. Watch out for that meteor, dude. It’s not partial to color — it’ll hit ya whether your trucks are white, blue, brown or — now with DHL on the scene — yellow. 🙂

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