Kids these days

I walked in the house yesterday and Skylar, my five-year-old daughter, was typing at my wife’s iBook. I went over to see her, and noticed that she was in the midst of typing an e-mail to her aunt, all by herself. Amazing that at 5 she can do this, but that’s not the point of this post (though, perhaps I should get her her own Gmail account? “Dear, this day has been long in coming, and I’ve dreamt of it often… here… your own Gmail account.”… but I digress). The kicker was, the moment she realized I was reading the message she was composing, she moved the mouse and minimized the window! I tell ya… this can’t be a good sign. I thought I had until she was at least twelve before I had to deal with this!

2 Responses to “Kids these days”

  1. david Says:

    God, it’s like a horror movie… our kids are using computers and doing things we never even thought about when we were there age!

    I just found out my nine year old neice is reading my blog!

  2. Hadley Stern Says:

    I am very close to those days and can’t believe it either! I wrote something about it here a couple of months ago.

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