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Passionate Podcasters Protect PodCamp (but miss my point)

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Perhaps I can better explain if I’m a little more pithy: I firmly believe that PodCamp — and events of its ilk — are excellent events (we at BackBeat Media sponsored one of the early BarCamp NYCs, and The Mac Observer and iPodObserver repeatedly are media sponsors of Portable Media Expo)…. That’s fantastic, and support all of it, including the folks that are podcasting for both business and personal reasons.The point I was making is: We at BackBeat Media talk to people every day — those outside of the blog/pod/echo-chamber — who still see podcasting as very much dominated by passionate hobbyists.

PodCamp? No, thanks. Weekends Are For Hobbies.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Put the same event on Saturday and Sunday (or, heaven forbid, a *holiday*), and it’s a royal pain in the ass — something which they’re likely not going to attend unless they’re absolutely forced to go…. Of course, those of us in business for ourselves know that work often extends into hobby time, and often the lines are blurred between what’s work and what’s a hobby, but we’re not the ones who need to be convinced and educated about new mediums like podcasting.

It’s going to be 3 of us on stage, that’s all

Monday, February 12th, 2007

That’s Sting’s quote from The Police’s press conference happening right now…. Though they’re apparently still fighting about whether or not to let Andy and Stewart sing the backing vocals versus having a sampled track going.July 28th at Fenway Park, too…