Another PME Under Our Belts, Looking Forward To The Next

This year’s P(N)ME officially ended today (Sunday, that is) and it was the best one yet. Sure, it didn’t have the “what are we all doing together?” vibe the first show had, nor was it the “what are we going to do together?” vibe that last year’s show had. This year’s show really had a clear direction to it — let’s legitimize this thing and partner up as much as possible to make some money — and for me that was just about perfect. The fact that the ADM held its first “in person” meetings here was simultaneously no surprise as well as icing on the cake.

We at The Mac Observer and iPodObserver have been media sponsors of the Podcast/Portable/New Media show since its inception, and (unofficially) I’m very much looking forward to doing that again. This is a show worth supporting, worth talking about, and worth building.

Next year it’s a month earlier and in Las Vegas. That means I won’t have to spend another gorgeous fall weekend in Ontario, California, and I also think Las Vegas brings many benefits, the biggest of them being that it’s easier to get to and also adds the credibility of having this show in a “real” trade show town.

Kudos to Tim Bourquin and his entire team for a job well done.

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