Bliss with technology in the rain

This morning I had to get my car inspected (which seems to be a near daily event in the great state of New Hampshire). I scheduled it at a garage downtown and figured I’d take the 30 or 40 minutes to get some local errands (post office, bank) done while I waited. As I was getting out of the car, I realized, of course, that I had the iPod nano with me as well as a set of headphones. That was a no brainer, so the iPod came with me — along with the Treo 650, of course — and off I went. Immediately I made a detour to walk down by the Oyster River here, and just enjoyed the sights. After a bit, I checked my e-mail and while I was making a quick response, the downpour began. It was at that point that I truly experienced bliss… I didn’t care where I was, I wasn’t worried about getting back to the office, and I just continued my stroll, a podcast playing in my ears, Treo tucked safely (and dryly) in my pocket, and off I went. Yes, it’s true that these days I can never *truly* get away (that’s what being involved in running 4 or 5 businesses at a time will do to you!), but having technology (in this case, the Treo 650) provide me with the flexibility to stand by the river in a rainstorm and soak it all in is, well, good enough for me.

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