The Milkman, er, lady: a story of convergence, enlightenment, and good clean living

Yep, it’s true. A few weeks ago, my wife said, “didjya ever have a milkman when you were a kid?” Of course, that brought back some fond memories (no, not THAT kind!) of having the milkbox outside the door, and the weekly visits from the mlkman delivering tasty treats. Well, that prompted a quick Google Local search (still in beta, of course!), and result number one was, as you might guess, a goldmine.

Photo 091505 003

This morning, the Little Milk Man (which is a company run by and employing mostly women, funnily enough) arrived, complete with the old-fashioned truck, delivering those same tasty treats I remember. Nothing like fresh smoked cheese delivered to your home. It’s nice to see when technology can actually bring back something so good and wholesome into your life.

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