’s Persistent Search

I love it when I’m truly able to transcend my involvement/interest in a site we own and can simply use it the way it was intended. That happened yesterday with our site. The kids’ old (and initially free!) Windows machine is showing its age in that it’s simply not fast enough to keep up with their needs. As such, I figure perhaps an Intel-based Mac Mini is on the horizon. With Apple hardware, my preference is to purchase from their refurb store (same warranty, less $$), and a quick look there indicated there was nothing current. Knowing that those deals change every day, my thoughts instantly went to DOW’s persistent search.

And it’s so easy. I simply went to and typed in my search for ‘Mac Mini’. On the initial results page, I refined the search to my liking, and then once I was happy with the way the results were looking, I clicked on the “Subscribe to the RSS Feed of these results!” link. Instantly, a custom feed of those results were added to my news aggregator, NetNewsWire. Now NNW will continually check those results and I’ll see it when a new one pops up, be it later today, or perhaps next month. Then I’ll know to buy.

That, folks, is how it should be if you ask me… finally these computers *actually* saving us time. Check it out!

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