Catching up from the Mac world

Well, life’s been interesting lately. The podcast has been going amazingly well, to the point where it’s now something I feel like I *should* be doing to service the listeners. Thankfully, John and I are still enjoying the heck out of it, so we have no plans of stopping anytime soon! There was a Marketwatch article to which Business Week’s Heather Green linked, talking about how iTunes was squashing out the “little” guys. Assuming I’m one of the “little” guys, I had to disagree with the idea, and did so on Heather’s blog post about it.

Macworld Expo in Boston last week was productive, as well. As I’ve said many times, folks who are expecting to see the San Francisco-sized crowds (and direct sales) at a much smaller Expo are going to be disappointed, but taking it for what it is, the Boston show is a fantastic opportunity to get some quality time with folks. Consumers, industry folks, and press included, it was a wonderful networking event. Now lets hope the show’s organizers can just pitch *that* message going forward, instead of the “we wish Apple were here” message. I think we’d all be better served because of it.

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