If Spam Were Real It’d Be Illegal

I feel like I need a shower. I just finished going through my spam folder on Gmail. It got a little large because, well, I just moved and things have been busy. It’s been about 10 days since I cleaned through it, and had about 1200 messages to scan for “real” mail. This stuff, even just by subject, is disgusting. I mean, as bits and pieces it doesn’t really bother me, but after reading 1200 subjects talking about increasing my volume, size, pleasure, mortgage value, and personal hygiene, I feel sick to my stomach. If they printed this crap and pumped it into our snailmail boxes, there would be public outrage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I realize that the beauty of the Internet is in its kinda-sorta anarchy (at least in its roots), and the fact that this stuff isn’t policed means that everything else is free to move at its own paces (for the most part), but I’d *really* rather not have this stuff dumped off at my home or office anymore.

Anyone want some extra spam? I’ve got plenty I can send your way.

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