Actually, You Proved That Podcast Advertising DOES Work

by Dave in ,

Garrick Van Buren had an interesting post yesterday about a sponsorship he remembered from a 17-month-old episode of Evil Genius Chronicles, a podcast that we represent. Though Garrick's words say that podcast advertising doesn't work, his very post proves the opposite. After all, how many other mediums can claim an 18-month retention on *anything*? Sure, Garrick forgot the name of the sponsor, but he remembered what they did and what show he heard it on. After nearly 18 months, that's HUGE, if you ask me. If it were within the last 6 months, I can bet you he would have remembered that it was iPodJuice who sponsored the show.

The best part is because he blogged about it, Dave Slusher (the host) responded, and now the sponsor is getting even more traction from an ad that was written off on *last* year's taxes.

In this case, the only potential mistake was that iPodJuice stopped sponsoring the show. For every Garrick Van Buren that *nearly* remembered everything and blogged to get the rest, there are likely 100 other listeners who moved on to something else. If iPodJuice were a regular sponsor here, I bet their bottom line would show it.

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