Association for Downloadable Media

I spent the day in conference calls. That’s not exactly rare for me, but today was special in that every call was extremely valuable. I’ll post more about the results of the others when we’re ready in a few days, but today I can talk about the Association for Downloadable Media, which had it’s first “member” conference call today.

The ADM’s mission is to bring together the podcast/portable media community, help define some best practices, and make it easier and more comfortable for advertisers to sponsor the content. In a nutshell: helping podcasters make money. With that, BackBeat Media is happy to be a corporate member of the ADM, and you can expect us to take an active role in furthering the cause here. Like the IAB has done for the web, the ADM intends to really help to educate the market about how best to use this medium. There are some fantastic people involved already, and more getting involved every day.

If you have *any* interest in this at all, I encourage you to sign up. Individual podcasters can do so for $150 yearly, and corporations for $1000. Cheap price to help define the direction of this fantastic medium, if you ask me.

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