Red Herring: Web Ads Should Be Smarter

This is newsworthy? I mean, c’mon folks… let’s all say it together: “DUH!”

Seriously, this is nothing new. We over at BackBeat Media have been doing the “smart web ads thing” since the day we hung our first shingle. I know… I know… Red Herring is simply looking to get some momentum for themselves going by preaching to a growing choir, and you can’t blame ’em for that. Heck, some people out there might think it was *their* idea in the first place, and that’s never bad.

But it wasn’t. If you want a real example of all of this, seriously, take a look at what we’ve been doing for the past 5 or 6 years. Targeting niche communities with appropriate ads really does work, and can be the best branding/mindshare-building experience you can have. Certainly better than the boob tube, and even better than Google. Go figure.

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