Just Like Summer Camp…

Those were the words of Larry Florman (a.k.a. Brother Love) on the shuttle to the airport Sunday morning after the Podcast and Portable Media Expo had come to an end, and he was right. Being someone who goes to trade shows in a lot of established industries, I’m very much used to there being a hierarchy and pecking order, if you will (and have experienced being both near the top and at the bottom of said order!), to the point where I just expect it. It’s normal, at least to cynical ol’ me.

Well, expectations were shattered this past weekend when it was absolutely clear that everyone was on the same level. Impromptu round table discussions (that should have been podcast, but weren’t!) popped up all over the place, and the focus was on sharing ideas and actually, truly listening to those of others. Never once was there an “I do it this way and your way is wrong” message sent… rather it was, “I do it this way, but I have no idea what I’m doing, how about you?” vibe, and we all learned from each other.

Truly, truly awesome to see a nascent industry growing some roots. Let’s hope we can keep it this way. Dave Slusher is convinced we can, and I hope he’s right.

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One Response to “Just Like Summer Camp…”

  1. Matt Hoult Says:

    I certainly hope he is right. Podcasting is slowly finding it’s feet and knowing for once an entertainment/media/technology industry is doing so in the dream-like manner to which we all hope an industry we should become associated with pioneering would is fantastic. Long may the vibe continue.

    I only wish I lived in the US as I have no chance of experiencing such events in the UK.

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