The Isolation Tank is One of Our Greatest Tools Ever

Joe Rogan arguing why everyone should float in an isolation tank:

If the tank was something where it was a machine an you would have to strap yourself in and you had to take a course where you would learn how to get to the center of yur consciousness where your body and your mind didn’t exist, it would be like a ride at Disneyland and the line would be 7 hours long. But because it’s such a weird, organic method of doing it, people start coming up with reasons not to do it.

3 Responses to “The Isolation Tank is One of Our Greatest Tools Ever”

  1. stubbyno2 Says:

    I did it a couple times in my youth. Felt like dreaming when you’re wide awake. Unfettered wanderings through your thoughts. I really should do it again…

  2. Dave Hamilton Says:

    I believe there’s a float place in Westport that I’ve heard good things about.

  3. stubbyno2 Says:

    Ha, I had just pulled up their website. I’ve actually bought tickets to it twice, and both times ended up giving them to my wife. Will have to make another attempt!

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