Marketing Is Vital To Your Product’s Success

Macworld’s Peter Cohen offers some sage advice to iPhone application publishers, warning them not to ignore the value of a true marketing and advertising plan. This advice extends way beyond the iPhone to really anyone who has a product they intend to sell. I highly recommend reading the article.

Though Peter works for the competition, I am quite lucky to consider Peter a personal friend. And while I’m sure Macworld’s sales team was as ecstatic as I was when the article went live, I can guarantee you they were of no direct influence here. Peter writes this from the heart, and really from the angle of wanting to ensure that excellent applications don’t fall by the wayside simply because developers neglected the need to actively promote their products.

Bravo, Peter. And bravo to all of you who follow this advice. We’ll be sharing this around to our clients at BackBeat Media, and I’m sure they’ll be seeing it from the competition, as well. Good for one, good for all. And in the end, good for the consumer.

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