Headed West to WWDC

Tomorrow I head out to California for my first visit to WWDC, which runs all next week. I’ll have the opportunity while I’m there to get to speak to quite a few Mac developers, of course, and am also looking forward to attending more than a few sessions to increase my practical and background knowledge of all things Mac. Additionally, I plan to catch up with a few of my closer business partners and associates like Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer, Shannon Jean of Deals On The Web, Hadley Stern of Apple Matters and Macitt, and more. On Monday, we at TMO will be doing our live Steve Jobs keynote coverage, which always proves to introduce the fun of some last-minute hiccup, regardless of how many contingencies we plan for.

John F. Braun (who remains in Connecticut) and I are loosely planning to do a Mac Geek Gab podcast remotely but, there again, timing, schedules and technology are playing right along with us, so…no promises.

All in all it’s shaping up to be an excellent week. I’ll also have opportunity to don my BackBeat Media hat and speak with some developers about their marketing strategies, but the details of that will have to wait until after the conference starts. Rules are rules, or so they say.
More from the road, I would guess… if not, then certainly more when I return. If you’re going to be there, drop me a line.

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