I guess it’s all relative…

Something I’ll never forget happened during the first winter we lived in Texas. There was an ice storm, and the mayor of Austin got on TV, told everyone it was a state of emergency, and that they needed to stay home. We, being native New Englanders, noticed nothing on the roads, and headed out to get breakfast… oh, well, of course we noticed the people who slammed on their brakes when they hit a bridge, which is what made us decide to head home and heed the mayor’s warning.

Well, this morning, I got this e-mail from our town of Durham, New Hampshire:

Because of the high heat index today, we have made arrangements to
utilize the air conditioned meeting room at the Durham Town Office as a
cooling off location for individuals who perhaps do not have air
conditioning at home or are in need of a break from the heat. We will
officially open the room at 1:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, August 2nd. If
you or someone you know is in need of a cool location in order to find
respite from the heat, please stop by the Durham Town Office located at
15 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH. Members of the Durham Chapter of the
American Red Cross will staff the room.

It’s 94 degrees outside at the moment, and we’re pretty much at peak heat for the day here. I’m *sure* the Texans are getting their own laughs in now.

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