Swatch Sistem51: Now Available in Switzerland … and in Multiple Colors!

I’ve been interested in Swatch’s new, mechanical, automatic and inexpensive Sistem51 since it was announced earlier this year. 

This week the Sistem51 (finally!) went on sale… in Switzerland. The US release is still planned for “early 2014,” though they won’t confirm a more specific time frame than that (at least not with me… and not yet).

But the exciting thing they did share with me this morning is … it comes in more than just blue! Black, Red and White (with a multi-color skeleton back) are now all in the line-up.

The Sistem51 is currently selling for CHF 150 in Switzerland (approximately US$169 as of today’s conversion), and while US pricing hasn’t been announced, it will likely be in that same range.

For now… the pics. More when I know more.

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