Swatch Sistem51 Not Due for USA Release until Early 2014

Swatch Sistem51 Front-and-Back

Earlier this year Swatch made waves in the watch industry when they introduced the Sistem51, a watch with a mechanical movement whose assembly is fully-automated. This keeps costs down (think $150) while presumably preserving high quality (they say the watch is regulated by a laser at the factory and requires no further tuning).

Initially rumored for USA arrival in October, today Michael Zucconi, PR Manager for the Swatch Group USA confirmed to me that we won’t see the watch here until 2014. According to Michael:

“The first four models will be available in Switzerland at selected stores on December 15, 2013. Due to the high demand, the worldwide launch is set for early 2014 and there is much more to explore… More information will be available on the US launch closer to the launch in Switzerland. Please keep an eye out for the announcement.”

So… we wait. Longer.

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