Winter Migration (of the Computing kind)

As many listeners of our Mac Geek Gab podcast know, I recently purchased a new 2.6GHz 15″ MacBook Pro from Apple. It arrived yesterday, but I really didn’t get a chance to even begin setting it up until today. Honestly, if I wasn’t traveling to Austin, Texas next week, I probably would have waited longer — things have just been too busy around here to be distracted with a computer migration.

And while in the past I’d used Apple’s fantastic Migration Assistant to clone my old system onto my new one, this time I decided I’d better start from scratch. After all, the system that exists on my previous MacBook Pro had been Migrated and Upgraded since about Mac OS 10.2. That’s all the way back to a time when I was living in another state, running on a different CPU architecture, and was a significantly younger man. It’s possible I even had less children then, too. Suffice to say, it was time (time, perhaps, that I don’t have this week!).

So I manually migrated my documents and data over, and have been reinstalling apps one-by-one. Thus far, it’s actually gone MUCH smoother than I expected, and I’m now up and running “full-time” on the new box. There are still a few things I need to get in place, and I’m sure I’ll realize most of those while I’m traveling next week, but that’s the fun, isn’t it?

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