Would you like syrup with your TiVo, madame?

Accoring to CNET, PVRs are selling like hotcakes. I’m not sure where, exactly, they get their hotcake numbers from, but In-stat has released a study indicating that, in the last year, we’ve gone from 3.6 million households with PVRs up to 9.2 million now. Fascinating stuff. For those of you that *don’t* have a TiVo, go get one. It’ll change your life. I mean, could 9.2 million people be wrong? (that’s rhetorical. I realize that many, many times that number of people vote in US Presidential elections, and at least half of us are usually wrong).

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  1. darla Says:

    Hrumph. My TiVo didn’t come with syrup. I had to buy my own. I

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