Greed Redefined, 2005

by Dave in ,

Wow. The record labels want a piece of iPod revenues. They actually said that. In public. To people. At least Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. did. People, this is insane. Where will it stop? Do they want a piece of CD Player revenues? Should they get a cut of every car that's sold with a radio? Hell, they should tax mothers who have children because, honestly, those kids are apt to grow up and listen to music some day. Why, they might even *make* music someday. Gotta get a piece of that.

If we, the people (and specifically those of us in the US) let this happen, it's our own damned faults. The RIAA and the MPAA are frantically trying to thwart anything that gets in the way of their stodgy old business model. They want us to buy music on *their* terms and, to be honest, not even the artists are happy about this. It's a monopoly, plain and simple... heck, it's a mafia.

In between your downloads on bittorrent, Kazaa, and Gnutella, go tell 'em we'll break their kneecaps if they try anything like this again... before it's too late.

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