The MacBook Pro saga continues...

by Dave in

Well this is an interesting story... As I wrote, on Tuesday of this past week I made some changes to my MacBook Pro order... Specifically I changed the hard drive from the 120GB/5400rpm model to the 100GB/7200rpm model.Then I looked Wednesday, and the hard drive was still the 120GB/5400rpm model, but they put me at at 2.16GHz processor and added the requisite $300 to the order. So I called 'em up, explained what they did, and after a while on hold, they fixed it. But they screwed something up in the process and somehow lost my place in line, putting my ship date back to March 16th!!

The guy on the phone was *so* apologetic and said he'd give me a discount off the price (plus free 2-day shipping), and we said our goodbyes, mine being a bit more depressed than his.

Then late last night an e-mail appears in my box stating that my order has shipped and is en route. Sure enough, my MacBook Pro (with all the right specs) is on its way to me from Shanghai at the moment... due to arrive early this week.

And they still gave my my 3% discount. So I'm not sure if I actually *didn't* lose my place in line despite what Apple said, or they are shipping these things *way* faster than they expected. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting my new toy in a few days!

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