My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

by Dave in

  • Apparently Santa uses Android. #spyphoto @ Whittemore Center Arena #
  • First game, first puck (Thanks, Agosta!) @ Whittemore Center Arena #
  • My favorite pre-game view. @ Whittemore Center Arena #
  • It's good to be back at the Whitt for UNH Hockey! #
  • Halfway through the day, very light usage for email and Twitter, no calls, and my iPhone 5's battery is at 44%. Guess I need a battery case. #
  • 9am is a good time to start lining the field for a game with a 9am kickoff, don't you think? #
  • A heads-up for @boxcar users: If you upgraded your iPhone, log out of boxcar and then back in, otherwise your new device won't be registered #
  • How is it possible that I haven't owned "Waiting for Columbus" until yesterday?

    Clearly it retroactively goes on my favorite albums list. #

  • It seems like there’s just never enough Wi-Fi channels. #
  • I guess I live in "off-campus housing" #
  • If I have a UPS connected to my Mac and set Energy Saver to power down, seems the "Start up automatically after a power failure" is ignored. #
  • Forget this debate, there's bigger news: Rush was finally nominated for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction! #
  • Are Romney's lying sons better behaved than the two guys fighting on TV? If so, can we elect one of those 5 boys instead? #
  • What. is. the. deal with how LONG it takes for baggage to reach the carousel at Boston Logan Airport? 40 minutes and counting. #
  • Awesome family reunion weekend. We surprised my wife's grandfather for his 93rd birthday by all meeting on a quick 3-day Bahamas cruise. :) #

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