My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

by Dave in

  • I bet they sell more French fries than onion rings. @ Derryfield Deck #
  • Summing up my hands-on time with the new iPhone 5, iPod touch & nano: Bigger is Better #
  • I took some time to check out Apple's new EarPods and… they aren't bad in the right places! #
  • Looking forward to checking out the new EarPods mid-flight. I’ll let you all know how they do. #
  • I think its time to find a new "I have 3 minutes to kill and want to play a game" app for my iPhone. Suggestions? #
  • This place should call the “spicy chicken bowl” the “spicy chicken bowl surprise.”

    The surprise? It’s not spicy. #airportfood #

  • So long for now, San Francisco. See you next time! #
  • And the new nano feels *great* in the hand. #
  • Taylor Hawkins clarified for me: it was a *piece* of a stick that broke off and hit Dave Grohl. Glad we settled that. #
  • This iPhone 5 is REALLY lightweight in the hand. #
  • EarBuds make great party gifts. @ Yerba Buena Gardens #
  • Funny to literally run into Al Gore in the men's room line. #
  • A more proper shot of the colorful Apple logo in prep for tomorrow. @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts #
  • Arrived in SF just in time to check-in for my flight home tomorrow. :) #
  • A quick shot of Yerba Buena Gardens from the cab on my way into town. Already lookin @ Yerba Buena Gardens #
  • The last time I was scheduled to fly on 9/11 flights were canceled while I was en route to the airport. Today's a different day #remember911 #
  • Boarded and looking forward to checking out the "WindowSeat" app mid-flight (as recommended by @fulkb!) #
  • Sweet. Just did a last-minute check and found (and snagged) an empty aisle seat on my BOS->SFO UA511 flight today. Whew! #
  • A note about tomorrow, @united: If you want me to check my carry-on because the flight's full, tell me *before* I go thru security, please. #
  • Burning 600 calories per hour ain’t no joke! #drumming #
  • Now that's good sleeping weather.

    Too bad I have to be in SFO Tues/Weds. #

  • Lisa spread the Sunday Football Snack Feast. Go Pats! (on TiVo...) #
  • An interesting highlight of Friday's Rush concert was Alex Lifeson telling his poop joke to 15k people while tech issues were sorted out. ;) #
  • I'm proud to say that FLING played 6 sets (2 gigs) today and we didn't repeat a single tune. Even had about 12 left on the list! #

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