My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

by Dave in

  • Did you hear the one about the musician who got up at 6:30 in the morning to play a gig?

    It's no joke. #

  • Yup, that's an 8pc string action behind them. #Rush @ Verizon Wireless Arena #
  • "The Anarchist" #Rush @ Verizon Wireless Arena #
  • #Rush #Lifeson #guitar @ Verizon Wireless Arena #
  • Waiting for Rush @ Verizon Wireless Arena #
  • Crazy week, now off to see Rush in Manchester, NH. Then tomorrow it's a 7am load out for 2 gigs of my own.

    Rest is for the weary! #

  • Re: the FBI's UDID "source," it's also completely reasonable to think it could have been Facebook. The CIA invested in them, after all. ;) #
  • Today @jgamet reasons that the FBI's UDID codes came from their @instapaper server seizure. Best logic I've heard. #
  • You know what? I think October 24th will be the next Apple Event (likely iPad "mini"). And that's also my wedding anniversary. Hrm. #
  • Weather Report at The Beacon Theater in 1981 (with my Dad, stepmom, and aunt) was my first big concert experience. What was yours? #
  • Having a DJ as the opening act in an arena is really interesting (awful). #
  • Waiting for ... well, it ain't Godot. @ TD Garden #
  • The Hamilton Family Summer Concert Series is in full force this week. Tonight: Madonna @ Boston Garden. Friday night, Rush in Manchester. #
  • My life feels like a David Garibaldi drum part. Lots happening, each thing getting full focus, no pattern, few breaks, yet grooving well. #
  • I love ExpressionEngine but their concept of "caching" is confused and convoluted. So this morning I wrote GhettoCache and now the (cont… #
  • …cont) site works. #
  • The last time I was booked to fly on 9/11 things got ugly. Here's to hoping next week's trek west for the Apple event is smoother for us all #
  • New TMO is rolled (new backend, too). Check it out! I awoke in a cabin in the woods 22 hrs ago. Now.. sleep time. #
  • For polling calls on Labor Day my response is: "My rate is $300/hr with a 1hr minimum. Do you want to continue with this call?" #

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