My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

by Dave in

  • .@MarkM good point. My mistake. This morning's rant should have been about MY doctors, not all doctors. My apologies, my friend. :) #
  • Just finished announcing the kids football jamboree, now off to play the youth hockey benefit. Pimping myself out for the kids. ;) #
  • I really hate how disrespectful the medical profession is with my time. Thy set an appointment and then don't seem to care when it happens. #
  • It's a shame Steve Jobs didn't live to see this verdict. #
  • Near Kingston, NH? FLING is playing a benefit at Sanborn Regional HS on Saturday at 7pm for their new hockey program #
  • I need to install 'nano' on my Synology DiskStation. Going back and forth between nano and vi is causing my fingers to fire wrong commands. #
  • Spidey climbs at the Lee, NH firehouse @ Lee Fire Department #
  • Heartbeat or bandwidth graphs? #
  • Now that's what I call a perfect forecast. 80s during the day, 59s at night. #
  • Yes! Made Streambaby work perfectly on my Synology DiskStation. Will post details later for all. #
  • Over the past couple of days I've seen mail delayed in sending under Mountain Lion on multiple systems. Anyone else? #

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