My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

by Dave in

  • My post-gig rockstar plan: ice cream and Gatorade (gotta stave off leg cramps, you know) while watching "Community" on TiVo. #
  • Busy week. New DB server setup, MGG app submitted, TMO redesign inching closer, 2 gigs played, one to go. Time to make tonight's setlist. #
  • I think my MacBook Air has the longest time between install and needing a JVM of any of my machines: 1.5 weeks. #
  • Just finished watching "A Thousand Words." #horrendousfamilymovienight #
  • Our waiter is a pleasant young man. I look forward to seeing him again soon. #
  • A nice place for lunch on a summer day. @ Fresh Local Bayside #
  • I bought blueberry pie a la mode at the summer stage theatre last night and got a $2 bill in change.

    That's at least 3 cool things there. #

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