My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-04

by Dave in

  • Lion's mds and mdworker sure like to chew up a lot of CPU time. #
  • AT&T Brings Back Free 1000 Rollover Minute Offer via @macobserver #
  • It's amazing how much two well-placed 'activate' lines can increase the efficiency of an AppleScript. #
  • We @macobserver explain a little about the latest Anonymous attacks on Apple's DNS servers. #
  • A sign of it having been a busy day. I never even filled my tea cup this morning! #
  • Still loving HandBrake on this quad-core i7 #
  • Sherlock who?

    Gateway who? #

  • “@CletusHeaps: looks like you need to look at the app swackett”

    Ok, is pretty cool. #

  • Yep, this is the season in NH where all my sweatshirts wind up at my office. I wear one over in the morning, and don't need it after 10am. #
  • When the furnace repair guy quotes Ohms law (correctly) before he gets out of the truck, you know you're in good hands. #DilbertsGarbageMan #
  • Anyone have any experience with these computerized/robot legos? My 9yo son's considering spending some b-day money. #
  • Listen, I know this could be a lot worse, but having the oil burner refuse to light while still on generator power is really a bit much. #
  • Since it seems we're always at the bottom of @psnh's restoration list we're curious how they'd feel being at the bottom of our payments list #
  • My thoughts go out to all of those in Vermont. Not very far from here, this storm brought them terrible flooding and lost lives. #
  • Odd. While our power has been out for about 6 hours, our Internet/cable was fine up until 30 minutes ago, then died. /cc @comcastCares #
  • Biggest challenge of power outage so far for us here at home has been figuring out how to get Star Trek XI from Drobo to TiVo. #charmedlife #
  • Power's been out here for about 3 hours. Rain has pretty much stopped and winds are slower. Seems brunt of storm went west (inland) of us. #
  • Is Ceelo really just Re-Run? #
  • And here it begins. Power flickering here in Durham, NH, wind about 2 hours old, peak (of tropical storm) predicted 4pm for us today. #

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