Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

by Dave in

  • Still totally digging the new cuckoo clock.

    (good thing I proofread. iPhone had "orally" instead of "totally") #

  • Another Saturday, another family trip to @FreshLocalNH (@ Fresh Local Bayside) #
  • Filling the void left behind by @sbswift will be none other than @maccast. Adam, we are SO glad to have you on board with us! #
  • It's bittersweet as we at TMO say goodbye to @sbswift as we wish him well on his way to grad school. Good luck, Stephen! You will be missed! #
  • Speed in Switzerland and it might just cost you $1MM! #
  • Hmm... this is bad. #
  • Dangit. PRAM and SMC resets didn't restore iSight. Worked yesterday. Now trying 10.6.4 combo reinstall. #
  • Very odd... my MacBook Pro seems to have forgotten that it has a built-in iSight camera. #
  • And yes, I'm aware that the voting is only one criteria of many that @SXSW uses to choose panels. Still, I think it's made it notably worse. #
  • I am a fan of @SXSW, but I believe its popularity-contest style of choosing panels has led to a majority of crap sessions the last two years #
  • Longest Trenton->Boston train ride ever. Not only did we leave 45 min late, we lost another hour in the journey. #
  • Sorry for the double-post, but meant to post this link re: Victorinox #
  • A little pricey for a Victorinox, but has a great movement and I really like the look of the leather-strap model #
  • Bird-Man Flies in formation with Breitling Wingwalkers

    The Bird-Man is crazy, for sure, but this looks cool: #

  • The importance of enjoying the habit /via @AppleInvestor

    "You can't use discipline to form a habit that you hate." #

  • Oh joy. Someone with the same name who incorrectly thinks he has my gmail address has signed up for job postings and online dating. #fb #
  • This is what I would love to see on every lectern I ever stand in front of. @pmug-nj rocks! ;) #
  • Trains aren't delayed often, so why is it that I am regularly subject to the ones that are? #
  • It really is too bad that Keynote on the iPad is so watered-down. Not including transitions and movies makes it useless for presenting. #
  • Happy 60th, @stevewoz! #
  • Presentation @pmugnj went well tonight, and I was yet again spoiled and treated oh so well by the group and their leaders. You folks rock! #
  • This is what I would love to see on every lectern I ever stand in front of. @pmug-nj rocks! ;) #
  • Just remember, folks: "do no evil" doth not equal "must do good."

    More like "find the 'evil line' and toe right up to it!" #

  • My iPad may be trying to tame my ego. Unlike my iPhone it rarely, if ever, autocapitalizes when I use the word i. #
  • And so begins my travel day to Princeton, NJ.

    Next time: any private pilots want an all-expenses paid day with their favorite Mac geek? ;) #

  • Our latest addition for the house. #fb #
  • And though I believe I'll be in close proximity soon, I don't believe I'll have the requisite transportation to visit the rhombus. #phish #
  • I'm speaking @pmugnj in Princeton, NJ tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Come one, come all! (and say hi, too, eh?) #fb #
  • Duh, yes... @schoun reminded me of @lithiumcorp for GUI-based configuration and SNMP monitoring on the Mac. Thanks! #
  • Anyone know of a Mac SNMP client that generates network traffic graphs (like MRTG) that is relatively easy to configure? #
  • Whisky in the jar?

    Oh. #

  • Excellent food at @momborestaurant tonight. May be our new favorite in Portsmouth. Excellent company with my wife and our friends. #

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