Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

by Dave in

  • Has anyone found a screen shield for the iPad that makes a difference in the bright sun? 'Cause thing is difficult to read outside today. #
  • Walter got stoned and made Fringe wonky this week. Still, hidden messages abound, and that's a good thing. #
  • I'm playing with Knock-Off tonight in Hampton Beach, NH at http://www.boardwalkinns.comGreat, female-fronted clasic rock. 9pm start #fb #
  • Fixed! RT @gothick: I just re-ran Transmit and then restarted Automator, and I got Synchronize, Download and Upload (under Internet). @panic #
  • Am I the only one who can't find the Automator Actions for Transmit 4? Did @panic remove them? #
  • I'll say it: riDONKulous. #
  • And in come the donkeys. #
  • At Donkeyball fundraiser event and there are (serious) protesters outside. #
  • I'm always amazed (but no longer surprised) at the personal attacks people are willing to make when safely hidden behind a keyboard. #
  • I love when someone takes time out of their day to comment on an article I've written and says, "quit whining and get on with your life" :-) #
  • Seeing Steve Jobs lump the iPhone and iPad together both as "mobile devices" is lazy and inaccurate. iPhone: mobile; iPad: über-portable. #
  • For two years on the iPhone I never missed Flash. 2 weeks on the iPad and I miss it terribly. iPad is not strictly a "mobile device" for me. #
  • So what does Steve Jobs propose we do with our iPads while we wait for developers to recode their websites for HTML5? #
  • Man, each week there's just more and more Mac Geek Gab feedback. You guys are keeping us BUSY! #
  • Late WWDC announcement means no award/1stclass seats available on my preferred airline. BOS->SFO in steerage for me, it is! #1stWorldProblem #
  • Wow. Apple Design Awards are *only* for iPhone/iPad apps and not Mac apps. (thanks for the heads-up, @sbswift) #
  • "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" in theaters this summer. Clips at: and #
  • Let's just say this: I'll be surprised if WWDC *isn't* the week of June 6th. #
  • Complacency is just a few doors past comfort. Be careful how far down that road you let yourself go. #
  • Don't forget, folks: live (with Video and chat, even!) Mac Geek Gab tonight at #
  • Brilliant!

    How Canadians see the world. /via @CoreyTamas #

  • .@JohnAtilano oh the chores weren't punishment. That's expected. I was just commenting on handing rakes to fighting children. ;) in reply to JohnAtilano #
  • Ok, we have an MGG UStream channel, complete with an event for all of you: #
  • For all asking, MGG 256 will be recorded live on UStream *tomorrow* night, Monday, 4/26, 8:30pm EDT (or so). More details as we get closer. #
  • I just handed rakes to two fighting siblings and sent them into the yard to work. That's ok, right? #

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