Don't Forget To Proofread

by Dave in ,

Barack Obama spoke in Dover, New Hampshire the other day, and since (a) that's only one town over from me and (b) I wasn't there, I was eager to read the local paper's report on the event.

As I read through, I saw two instances where the reporter, Robert M. Cook, left a string of question marks (??????), which I saw as him missing his own notes to return and clarify a piece of information.

The best, though, was his parenthetical notes to himself in one of the final paragraphs:

[Obama] added that people who make less than $250,000 a year would not have to pay any additional (more than now? how does that help?) payroll taxes, federal income taxes or health insurance taxes.

The bold highlight is courtesy of yours truly.

Yes, folks, we're deeply entrenched in the Internet age where a few minutes delay can make the difference between a popular article and one that is ignored by the masses, but do you really want to risk publishing something like this? Let's hope it's at least edited after-the-fact -- that's one benefit of the Internet, after all.