Don't Miss the Point of Podcast Advertising

by Dave in ,

Last week, Gregory Galant, CEO of RadioTail, penned a piece for iMedia Connection where he gave advice for folks wanting to advertise in podcasts, and some of his advice was quite sage. Brief messages, varied creative, interstitial ads, and making sure you understand and respect the audience to which you're advertising are all excellent points of wisdom here. The interesting thing is that he then goes on to say "Don't imitate broadcast radio," and yet, the company's whole philosophy is that of inserting canned spots into podcasts. Frankly, if you were to take all of his advice and roll it together, most folks would wind up with a different answer: give the host of the show talking points and let them deliver the ad in the style and context of their show. After all, the whole *point* of advertising on a podcast is to capitalize on the relationship between the host/show and the audience... Why dilute that by inserting a canned message in there? Of course, in the article, he was preaching his company's product (automated canned spot insertion) and I'm here preaching ours (BackBeat Media's talking points model). :-)

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