A Natural Step In The Right Direction (of Podcasting)

by Dave in ,

So even though I've bent the rules and mentioned it in my Mac Geek Gab Podcast recently, our PR guru, David Parmet, finally says I can blog about this here. Yep, today we finally begin talking publicly about the BackBeat Media Podcast Network. Yep, that's right, we -- that would be Greg Snyder, my business partner at BackBeat Media, and I -- have taken the business model that has sustained us and a hefty handful of websites for the last 6 years and applied it to Podcasting. The premise is simple (and the same): Let the publishers do what they do best -- publish -- and we'll support them by finding them sponsors and, well, anything else they might need. After all, that's what we do here at BackBeat Media. It's just that now we also do it with Podcasts which, for today, happens to be a big buzzword.

And while the buzzword cachet will definitely fade as all buzzwords do, we certainly believe that podcasting (or whatever word you want to use for time-shifted portable media) will never go away. It makes too much sense. Why *wouldn't* I want "TiVo for Radio" or, heck, TiVo for TV but with me on the train (i.e. TiVo on my iPod with video). So yeah, we're in this for the long haul, and we'll keep you posted as time marches forward.

The BackBeat Media Podcast Network includes 2 of my favorite Podcasts, and one of, well, my own. That's right, the 3 (current) Podcasts we represent are Brian Ibbott's Coverville, Dave Slusher's Evil Genius Chronicles, and The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab. Dave Slusher has both podcasted and blogged about this, and Brian podcasted about it a couple of weeks back.

We'll keep you posted as things move forward. Right now we've got a lot of work to do to properly represent these new folks as well as the folks who have been with us for years. More later, I promise!

Update: Business Week's got something on this story today.

Update: It appears the Adbumb folks, posting at their 925m.com have also joined the conversation.

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