Nice Rack

by Dave in

When I had my Eames drumset built back in 1997, the original intention was to use a rack to hold the toms. When I mentioned this to my bandmates at the time, they couldn't have been more adamantly against that. Apparently, they had a bad experience with a drummer whose rack was too big. So I went with stands and came up with a pretty efficient system. But I could never get my drums right where I wanted them... I think I'm just too dang tall. The other day, I was at Earcraft music and they had a used Pearl 3-sided rack with 9 clamps and 4 brand-new cymbal booms for cheap (I only need and use two of the three sides, but at the price, it was the right deal). It was all in great shape, and I didn't think twice. Played the first gig with it on Saturday night and love it. Definitely heavier to carry, but *way* faster to setup and break down. And everything is *right* where I want it. Plus it looks great.

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