Ignore the RIAA, fight the MPAA

by Dave in ,

With all the flack we give them, it's not the RIAA that's the problem. They've mostly lost the battle (enough to where the consumer still has *some* choice, anyway). It's the MPAA that's the huge problem. They've successfully (and, for the most part, quietly) squashed hundreds (if not thousands) of products that would make our movie and television viewing much more interactive, usable, and downright pleasant. Notice how you can't digitally record anything from your cable box? Notice how almost none of your components have digital outs? You like how though copying a DVD clearly falls into the context of "fair use", decrypting it (the first step required in copying it) is actually a felony? This is a problem folks. And yes, I've been reading Darknet. You should, too, and then get out and tell everyone what you've learned.