Trade Show Fever

by Dave in ,

No, I'm not talking about those people who love to go to trade shows and can't wait for the next one to start.

I'm talking about how I just came back from Macworld Expo and nearly everyone I know who was at the show is now quite ill. One associate is even in the hospital due to complications with his asthma combined with whatever virus he acquired at the show.

Thankfully, I remained healthy, but it most certainly was not by accident. Knowing how many people got sick last year, I headed into Macworld Expo this time equipped with alcohol-based wet wipes and some Purell gel. Chuck LaTournous was kind enough to lend me (and nearly everyone else in the Speaker office) gel when we were there together, too, and I'm sure that helped immensely.

My advice to everyone for next year: treat Macworld Expo as though you were on a cruise ship. All it takes is one person to start a chain of events, and keeping yourself as protected from that chain as possible is the only move you have.

Maybe we should solicit Purell to sponsor Cirque du Mac next year? I'll put in the call.