Site Updates, More Travel, New Office

by Dave in , , ,

As some of you may have seen, this week we rolled updates to two of our sites. The Mac Observer sees a layout refresh, changing the location of the columns, moving the content up and to the left, and allowing room for some more modern ad types. Comments thus far are relatively positive, with perhaps some additional tweaks required to make the forums perfect. All in all, I'm very pleased with this new look!

Deals On The Web has images now! They're everywhere, including the headlines view, the summaries view, the deal details, and the RSS feed. It's so refreshing to see these there. We've needed them for a long time, and Stephen Swift really delivered on this one. We're very fortunate to have him on board.

Tomorrow has me traveling out west again. This time it's a little different than most. I have a gig with Fling tomorrow morning at the UNH homecoming game here in Durham, New Hampshire. Then I head to Boston and get on a plane for San Jose, CA where I'll be playing that night with Paul Kent and his Silicon Valley Houserockers, celebrating Paul's birthday. Looks to be an interesting day, for sure! My flight is on Jet Blue, which means no "real" meal service, so I'm a little concerned about that, but... I'll manage. Sunday I get to hang out and relax with Paul, his family, and some friends, then Monday a meeting in Cupertino before getting on the redeye home. If you need me to focus on something, Tuesday might not be the best day to call.

Lastly, I hadn't reported in since we set up the new BackBeat Media office in Austin last week. Things went splendidly and the office *really* came together nicely. Jeff and Toni seem quite comfortable there, and we're looking for big things to come. Nice work, everyone!

I think that's it. More from the road, perhaps, and certainly more once I'm back in the office next week.