Macworld Expo: Where I'll Be

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It's such a habit it almost rolls off the tongue without me thinking about it now, and it goes something like this: "Hey, happy new year, but I can't talk now because I'm in a mad rush to get the last minute prep together for Macworld Expo." More than ever, its this time of year that I feel like the White Rabbit. That said, I'm easily reachable at Macworld Expo in a few key spots next week.

  • Wed, 1/10, 1:15pm: "Windows on a Mac" is a session I'll be presenting on all sorts of options and advice about running Windows on your Intel-based Mac.
  • Wed, 1/10, 8:00pm: Cirque du Mac 4.0. Featuring the Macworld All-Star Band with yours truly on drums. Be there, or be square.
  • Thursday, 1/11, 9am: "MacBrainiac Challenge" - Though I won't actually be on stage, if you're watching the event, you'll be able to see my butt from the crowd as I once again join John F. Braun and Chuck LaTournous to judge this fabulous event.
  • Thursday, 1/11, 6pm: Mac Podcaster Meeting at the Apple Store with the likes of Adam Christianson, Andy Ihnatko, Leo Laporte, and more.

In addition, John F. Braun and I will be delivering at least two podcasts from the show during the week, so those of you who can't make it out can live vicariously through those reports!

Should be a fun, busy week, and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

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