Google Site-Specific Search Gets Better

by Dave in ,

Over at The Mac Observer (and, indeed, at iPodObserver, as well), we've begun experimenting with Google's Custom Search Engine, largely because it's near impossible for a site the size of ours to implement a search engine that's any better than what Google can do. Indeed, our staff often uses Google to search our site and, well, that's reason enough for me. I noticed today that Colin Crawford mentioned that Macworld has done the same thing, for exactly the same reasons. It also seems like they're having exactly the same problem we are (at least on TMO): Google's not making the results IFRAME long enough to display all the results and the navigation controls in every instance. Hopefully they can fix this one ASAP.

There's also some wackiness with the Form-script in Safari, in that it doesn't properly display the "Google Custom Search" text in the box. I'm sure they'll sort all that out in due time.

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