MacBook Pro due any day now...

by Dave in

As soon as the keynote ended in San Francisco back in January, I scrambled to the speaker's lounge, fired up my PowerBook, and ordered a MacBook Pro. I opted for the high end model (at the time, 1.83GHz) and figured I'd better put the 120GB, 5400rpm SATA drive in it. Since then, it's been "due to ship" sometime by or before February 15th. Today, as you probably know, Apple announced that the whole MacBook Pro line would be given a speedbump (yes, this is prior to them shipping anything!), so I called the Apple Store to see about all this.

I chose to wait the extra 30 seconds on hold and actually talk to someone, and she was very helpful in reporting a few things:

  • Yes, it's true, my 1.83GHz model will be upgraded to a 2.0GHz model without impacting my ship date.
  • My ship date will be impacted anyway, and I'm supposed to get an e-mail from them today or tomorrow indicating my "revised" ship date.
  • If I want to change ANY part of my order, they have to cancel it and put a new order in, meaning my ship date will be pushed back yet another couple of weeks.

The interesting thing, of course, is that last point was the only time she indicated anything about a time frame. One can only hope that by NOT modifying my order mine will actually ship sooner than that.

So now I'm wondering if I should have gotten the 100GB, 7200 RPM drive instead of the 120GB, 5400 RPM drive! :-)

UPDATE: Just got my e-mail from Apple, and I'm now set to ship "by February 28" -- they also said to call them by February 18th if I want to make changes to my order. So I called to see about making the aforementioned hard drive change, and after waiting for them to research the potential impact to my ship date, was told that it wouldn't impact my ship date at all, so long as I made the change today. So I did.

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