Train your spouse on your alarm clock

by Dave in , ,

Consider this a public service announcement. It doesn't just apply to geeks, it applies to all of us (though, yes, I do fall into the geek subset of "all of us"). Ya ever been woken from a sound sleep by your spouse's alarm clock, reach over to whack your spouse and find out he or she is long gone? Then you're stuck -- in a sleep-induced stupor -- trying to figure out how to stop the damned thing from beeping, sans documentation (or all of your faculties). Add to this mess the poor folks out there who wear glasses (another subset of which I am a member), and you'll see why what I'm about to tell you is important: Take a minute and preserve your marital bliss by training your spouse on the quick and dirty method of disabling the alarm on your alarm clock permanently. Skip *right* over that horrendous "Snooze" button, and show 'em where the Off switch is. Your spouse will likely return the favor. Trust me... you'll thank me in the morning. :-)