Gmail shut me out?

by Dave in ,

As many of you know, I use GMail to filter and manage my e-mail. It's not my "main" e-mail address... simply an intermediary service that I use to (a) filter spam, and (b) manage my mail on the web. At about 2pm EDT today, I started having trouble sending mail through Gmail. Then I realized no new mail was coming in. I tried logging in at and got this:


So I attempted logging in with other browsers, other computers, etc., all to no avail. Then I tried logging into a *different* gmail account, and got straight in, no problem. Uh oh. So, for almost 5 hours, my "main" gmail account has been unavailable, but other accounts are fine.

I did a little bit of web searching and found some people saying this has happened for days at a time... and some have eventually found that after a week or so of getting this, their accounts simply vanished. :-(

Though it would be a shame to lose the history in there, it's not really lost. Thankfully I was smart enough to continue managing my mail through a local mail client, and have every message downloaded here. And fear not, no mail was lost: I had it going to an alternate place, as well, just in case.

Let this be a lesson to you kiddos: never trust anything you don't own, and certainly don't trust the stuff you don't even pay for!

All that aside: anyone got a contact at Google that wants to sort this out for me? My account is, simply, 'davethenerd' :-) Thanks!

Update #1: Seems this might be just a semi-widespread outage today... then again, maybe not.

Update #2: Thankfully, a short-lived (relatively speaking) outage.  Back in business now, and Google even responded to my e-mail.  Hopefully this is something that's fixed for everyone and not just me.

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