Where Do Apple Pay Evangelists Shop?

by Dave Hamilton in ,

I've heard a lot of comments lately saying something along the lines of, "Coin, Plastc and Wocket are too late! Apple Pay is the way of the future!" To anyone who shares this sentiment I ask a simple question: Where do you shop? 

I have yet to be able to buy gasoline with Apple Pay nor have I been able to use it in a restaurant. Heck, even where it's accepted I've been denied its use by one cashier where another happily took it. 

I love Apple Pay. It's super-convenient, secure and, yes, even fun. But it's not ubiquitous. And until it is, there will continue to be a need to carry traditional credit cards ... or some other device of a similar form factor.

I think Coin, Plastc, Wocket and their ilk have at least a good 5 years before we consumers will be ready to drop the wallet altogether. Probably longer.