My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

by Dave in

  • If someone broke into our house and woke us up at this time we would kill them first and then ensure it couldn't happen again. Insanity. #
  • What astounds me is that our board of education isn't holding special sessions to figure out how to fix this waking up at dark-o-clock issue #
  • Every time I mess with our 20+ year-old boiler I can't help but think of The Shining. #
  • It's possible "Reset All Settings" helped my iPhone 5. Was at 98% 6 hours ago, now at 94% after essentially sitting idle. #icanlivewiththat #
  • I love seeing extended family work together to help each other. It makes me even happier when it happens for my extended family. Good stuff. #
  • Oh dear heaven. iTunes Match secretly replaced the "Exit...Stage Left" version of "Red Barchetta" with the one from R30.


  • They should have mood lighting and comfortable couches in doctor's exam rooms.

    And Teddy Pendergrass playing softly in the background. #

  • Perfect New England fall sweater weather. Love it! #
  • Curious about AT&T experience: easier to get concessions from phone customer service reps or in-store staff? #
  • "Peace ... by grilled cheese" (made with love by my daughter) #
  • How much more black could my son's Halloween costume be? None more black. #

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