My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

by Dave in

  • Interesting. Here at Logan airport in BOS I have LTE from AT&T on my iPhone 5 but only 3G from Verizon on my iPad 3. #
  • ???? Who put the ketamine in Mrs. Murphy's chowder?

    ???? Nobody answered so I'll ask a little louder! #

  • "@Jury I can’t wait to see Ed Hochuli again"

    +1 #

  • Wife: "You can put whatever you want in your suitcase."

    Daughter: "I can put a gun?"

    Wife: "No."

    Me: Proud. #

  • Snake! (My son took this one) #
  • Why does school start at 7:30am? Nothing starts at 7:30am. This is ridiculous. #
  • This up-at-6:30-every-day thing is incompatible with this particular Hamilton Family Unit. Need wake-up time upgrade. #
  • “@BarackObama: NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs’ lockout is settled soon. -bo”

    Well, that’s saying something. #

  • “@XPlaneOfficial: Wow! That’s one crazy takeoff!”

    Awesome. #

  • This iOS maps situation inspired me to write.

    iOS 6: A Two Map App System, Same as it Ever Was #

  • AT&T's LTE on the iPhone 5 works quite well in Boston tonight. #
  • I think we can live with these seats for Peter Gabriel @ TD Garden #
  • Heading to Boston this evening to see Peter Gabriel and his band. Should be fantastic. ;) #
  • The carriers' about-face from charging for minutes and having unlimited data to having unlimited minutes and metering data is interesting. #
  • I'm considering giving up my unlimited data for AT&T's mobile share plan. With 4 phones and our average data usage, it's quite attractive. #
  • Why does iOS 6 insist on re-ordering the email addresses? I want my default to be the first one I set in prefs! #
  • I've got the best family. Get home from podcasting to find a fondue dinner for my birthday this week. Awesome. ;) #charmedlife #
  • I haven’t slept past 10:30 since I don’t know when. I think maybe I’ve been overdoing it lately. Maybe I’ll take next weekend off. ;) #

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