My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

by Dave in

  • The definition of an auspicious start to a gig: a bachelorette party just walked in. #
  • Good news: iPhone 5 now connects to my AT&T MicroCell #
  • Some discussion including supposed relays from AT&T reps about iPhone 5/MicroCell issues. Fix may be out in 24 hrs. #
  • I love it when one of the kids gets irate about something and starts into a good, long rant. Makes me so proud. #
  • Interesting. I don't think my iPhone 5 wants to connect to my AT&T MicroCell. Anyone else seeing this? #
  • Ahh there we are. Was @binny_uk's tweet and handwriting #
  • Funny, and true for iOS 6. I wish I knew who took it! #
  • My advice for you today: When you find a big kettle of crazy, it's best not to stir it. #dilbert #
  • Oh wow. Just found out that both Tony Levin and Manu Katché are playing with Peter Gabriel this tour. SO excited for Monday's show (my bday) #
  • 10.8.2 hung on reboot each time. Verbose mode showed me that com.paragon-software.snapshot.kext was the issue. Deleted using Terminal, good. #
  • Sometimes you just KNOW its going to be a Good Hair Day. #
  • Oh, good news. The update *did* stop after the restore & jailbreak. Man, this thing had a mind of its own for a while there. Yikes! #
  • OK. SHSH saved to Cydia and locally with Tiny Umbrella. Now I'll let the damned thing update to iOS 6 and I can roll back to 5.1.1 later. #
  • Oh yeah. My wife will inherit my 4S, and she needs to jailbreak. Guess how easy it is to stop an OTA iOS update? Answer: it's not. #
  • iOS 6 Here we come. #
  • Solving the world's problems, one step at a time. #
  • You know it's been a long weekend when while announcing a youth football game you refer to a team's "own 52 yard line." #
  • This whole more-than-2-gigs in 24 hours thing is an interesting way to live. Cathartic, but at some level I think it might be unhealthy, too #

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