My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-02

by Dave in

  • The downside to having been an "always be prepared" Boy Scout means I always bring more crap than I need. But I'll need *some* of it. :) #
  • Yup, that should be enough stuff to get 4 people through 3 days of family camp! #
  • If I've got my times right, Synology's DiskStation Manager 4.1 is now officially released. Looking forward to installing that next week. #
  • Listen, we're musicians. Waking up at this hour is against our religion. #
  • I've gotta stop doing this.

    The kids need to talk to their teachers about this unsavory start time each day.

    It's inhumane. #

  • I speak Esperanto like a native. #
  • Sometimes the money I pay to the swear jar is the most rewarding money I spend. #
  • Interesting that Federighi's bio still has the "Mac" in front of "OS X" #
  • Good that Federighi is on the same level as Forstall now.

    Next move: convince Forstall to retire to greener pastures. #

  • Give him Ragu, because he's been through enough. #
  • Racing to the football field after 3 hours of sleep followed by sitting for an hour in the early morning sun is an interesting kind of buzz. #
  • 7

    You know, ^G. #

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