My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

by Dave in

  • Just finished a 3hr dinner @momborestaurant for @tbearnh’s birthday with our daughter. We just about ate one of everything on the menu. Yum! #
  • Shoulders are sore (and bruising up nicely! :) from shooting today. Right shoulder from the shotgun, left from the .30-06 rifle. #
  • That thing's a serious rifle. #
  • My next perch. This looks like its going to be a boys' day. #
  • My morning view #
  • If the rain clears, I'm headed to the lake where I'll get my birthday present from my wife early: a seaplane ride picking me up at the dock. #
  • When watching web-based TV, I wish it would tell me the time to watch *with* ads factored in. I don't mind the ads, just want accurate time. #
  • After 3 nights of gigs followed by a night up late (and up early this morning) with old friends visiting, it is butt-on-couch time! #

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