My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

by Dave in

  • Welker, Brady, Hoyer at in-stadium training camp @ Gillette Stadium #
  • Father & son at Patriots training camp tonight. @ Gillette Stadium #
  • That's a lot of WiFi coverage (if only we knew the password) @ Gillette Stadium #
  • “@DuffyFranco: Well, I can brag, too, you know! Here are my results”

    NICE! #

  • So it seems Mountain Lion disables my ability to run @VMWareFusion 4.1.0 (which I kept to be able to run Snow Leopard) #
  • I realize that Comcast's own internal speed tests are not quite "real world", but I sure enjoy seeing 74 down, 11 up ;) #
  • Holy moly. Just got an email from ComCast that my Internet speed was doubled. It was! Now I get 56Mbps down and 11 Mbps up. :) #
  • The snake ate. He finally ate!! #
  • Alight. This ball python hasn't eaten since we got him in January. Now, live-feeding time. It's on. #
  • Alright, work finished (for now); clone finished; now time to update my main iMac to Mountain Lion #
  • I know Android's all cool with Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich and all that, but they've got nothing on Hot Dog Stand. #
  • Mountain Lion adds the ability to configure multiple Time Machine destinations simultaneously. #
  • smegma dogmatagram fishmarket stew #
  • Didacts and Narpets. #
  • To ensure I'm raring to go for @MacGeekGab tonight! #
  • Partying and playing music all day at @JohnnieBackBeat's creates an interesting conundrum for @MacGeekGab tonight: keep going or rest up? ;) #
  • I like the new Apple commercials. Fun, snarky, and focused on the Mac. Good stuff. #

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